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The project “abandoned premises” invited four photographers from Berlin and four from Rijeka to explore and capture together the city’s abandoned premises in early May 2013. The ensuing exhibition will be shown in Rijeka, Zagreb and Berlin.


Abandoned premises are witnesses and remnants of societal and economic change, left over and left behind, secretly sinking into oblivion. Surrendered to decay and secretly re-conquered by nature, those buildings slowly disappear from the public consciousness. Those places, unused and untouched for decades, develop their very own attraction and magical atmosphere, that drives the so-called urban explorers over fences and climb walls just to take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints in the dust.

The rediscovery of such places has become a trend in Berlin and elsewhere, that put them back on the map and raised public awareness for their neglected existence. In Rijeka however, those buildings increasingly disappear from the collective consciousness. By photographing them, the premises are conserved, and their history retold.

*As part of artist residency run by Drugo More

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